Boom, tour to Greenwich Theatre, London / Theatre Royal Margate / Live Theatre, Newcastle / Gulbenkian Theatre, Kent / Contact, Manchester / Riverside Studios, London

Yellow Earth Theatre, UK

Director – by Philippe Cherbonnier
Set & Costume Designer – Wai Yin Kwok
Lighting Designer –  Douglas Kuhrt
Performers – Ashley Alymann, Jonathan Chan-Pensley, Louise Mai Newberry, Tina Chiang & Jay Oliver Yip
Photographer – Manuel Harlan

With the economy booming and the demand for land intense, the young, the old – and the dead are forced to jostle for a space to call their own: a property developer’s mother refuses to move from their family home to make way for his new and very profitable apartment block. A warm exploration of what makes a home, and what makes us so attached to it once we’ve made the perfect one.

“The play is elegantly mounted and lit by Wai Yin Kwok and Douglas Kuhrt.” – Howard Loxton, The British Theatre Guide

“Wai Yin Kwoks stylised, symbolic set was successful in showing the relationship between new and old, reflecting the story line, and the simplistic lighting worked very well to evoke setting and mood.” – Gareth Ellis, The Public Reviews

“The stark set (by Wai Yin Kwok) again reinforces the blunt dichotomy between past and future, with a humble bamboo structure on one side and the imposing steel beams of advancement on the other.” – Christiana Bracewell, Whats On Stage