Dead Fiddler at New End Theatre

Sacred and Profane, UK

Director – David Zoob
Musical Director – Roderick Skeaping
Set & Costume Designer – Wai-Yin Kwok
Lighting Designer – Nick Hunt
Performers include – Lydia Baksh, Ezra Hjalmarsson, Heather Snaith, Joanna Foster, Gabrielle Douglas and Nick Karimi
Photographer – Marc Wilson

Set in a Jewish shtetl in Poland, a young widow is possessed first by one spirit, Getsl, the dead fiddler, and then by another, a dead prostitute. While horrific for the girl, they force the impoverished, simple folk to examine themselves, their lives and their faith.

The story is told through a troupe of actor/musicians playing a modernised version of traditional Jewish music.

“The simple but effective costumes designed by Wai Yin Kwok, together with Roderic Skeaping’s Jewish folk melodies, are entirely engaging and the audience will find the bizarre tale of The Dead Fiddler difficult to resist.” Rivka Jacobson, British Theatre Guide