Brook Theatre

Icon Theatre, UK 

Director – Nancy Hirst

Set & Costume Designer – Wai Yin Kwok

Lighting Designer – Lauren Nethercoat (Dave Beaumont)

Composer – Darren Clark

Performers – Daniel Desiano, Miriam Cooper, Nina Atkinson & Tommy Murray
(Covers – Richard Mansfield & Natalie Piper)

Reginald Rabbit Rescues Christmas is created specifically for ages 3 – 6, promenade and interactive show.  When Reginald Rabbit is left by himself on Christmas Eve in the Rabbit Rescue Headquarters, an emergency message comes through. The Winter Witch has put a spell on her sister the Christmas Queen, and Christmas is cancelled till further notice. What can be done?! Reginald is a brave rabbit though he is young, so off he sets – only Reggie can rescue Christmas!!