THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF at Jubilee Hall at Raffles Hotel
I Theatre, Singapore 2016

Written & Directed by – Brian Seward
Set Design and Props by – Wai Yin Kwok
Costume Design – Brian Seward
Lighting Design – Josiah Yoong
Music Composed & Arranged by – Julian Wong
Music director – Sara Wee
Choreographer – Cathy Kee
Cast – Alecia Kim Chua, Joshua Lim, Ghazali Muzakir, Erwin Shah Ismail and Daphne Ong
Photographer – 36Frames

Raising Our Successful Children Review:
“It may seem like a normal stage but it was full of surprises. The sheep could “go up” the hill and graze. The different levels on the stage generated more visual interest. The production team have used the space on stage brilliantly to excite the audience as the action is not only limited to the ground level.”

Little Day Out Review:
“Production values are pretty high, with colourful, well-made sets, props and costumes that are sure to draw little ones’ eyes and keep their attention fixed.”

Parenting on Purpose Review:
“Set Designer Wai Yin Kwok created a simple yet functional scenescape, which conjured up the uncomplicated nature of life in the mountains.”

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Trailer