The Weight Of Silk On Skin at Esplanade Theatre Studio
Pangdemonium, Singapore 2015

Playwright -Huzir Sulaiman
Director – Tracie Pang
Performer – Adrian Pang
Set Designer – Wai Yin Kwok
Lighting Designer – Lim Yu-Beng
Sound Designer – Guo Ningru
Photographer – Nicolas Caillier

“Wai Yin Kwok’s set is sleek and opulent; The tiled floor gleams when it catches the light, every bit as polished as the man who walks it. But this is also an intimate space – the audience is taken into John’s sanctum sanctorum, his walk-in wardrobe. He is most vulnerable here because every surface reflects his image”,weig,sc.xml

“Credit must also go to set designer Wai Yin Kwok and lighting designer Lim-Yu Beng. The set is exquisitely furnished, with glossy sheens of opulence. The lighting too is equally impeccable, with the background of the set achieving a magical transformation from black to red to cyan, all through the use of lighting.”