When Midnight Strikes at Chelsea Theatre & Finborough Theatre

London School of Musical Theatre / Strike up the Band

Director – Fenton Gray
Music by Charles Miller
Musical Staging – Norma Atallah
Musical Direction – Magnus Gilljam
Set Designer – Wai Yin Kwok
Costume Designer – Amy Jackson
Lighting Designer – Alan Bratton
Performers – Nancy Baldwin, Bradley Clarkson, Ben Enright, Stephanie Flavin, Lorraine Graham, Emma Hatton, Nicholas Moorhead, Susan Raasay, Miles Western, Shona White & Alan Winner
Photographer – Paul Barrass /Wai Yin Kwok

Set on New Year’s Eve 1999 at the dawn of a new millennium in an upscale New York apartment, twelve Manhattan socialites celebrate with an intimate dinner party.  New resolutions, past mistakes and uncertain future merge into one explosive and life-altering evening.

 “When Midnight Strikes is rancorously diverting. In Fenton Gray’s stylish production the dialogue is at its best when it’s at its bitchiest, and the songs likewise thrill most when the gloves come off.”  – Robert Shore, Time Out (Critics Choice)