Midsummer Nights Dream at Southwark Playhouse, UK

Director – Jonathan Man
Set & Costume Designer – Wai Yin Kwok
Lighting – Chris Pye
Performers – You-Ri Yamanaka, Kenji Watanabe, Nina Kwok, Matt McCooey, David Lee-Jones, Jay Oliver Yip & Julia Sandiford
Photographer – Wai Yin Kwok

Inspired by Japanese kabuki dance, grace of Noh theatre and the comedy kyogen clowns, Man reimagines the Shakespearean classic in samurai Japan.  Bringing the mysticism of the East meets West, in the atmospheric cellars beneath London Bridge Station

“Noticeable on entering the intimate theatre was the Kabuki-inspired walkway, reminiscent of the hana-michi; the Noh-inspired pine tree or kagami-ita painted on the back of the stage and the actors clad in simple kimono.” Susan Meehan, The Japan Society

“It is fast moving with a minimal and effective set. The action is largely on a central ‘runway’ type tiered stage with the audience on either side.” Elizabeth Peasley, London SE1

“I was really impressed at how well the actors handled all of these transitions and that they were able to appropriately convey them with the addition of an apron or a mask, while the bodies remained dressed in the same colors (nice job to the costumer, whom I’m guessing is Wai Yin Kwok, credited as “designer” in the program). Possibly more impressive were the props, which consisted entirely of … fans. Not a bunch of fans, either, but about six, which were cups to be drunk from, flowers to be plucked, scripts, scrolls, you name.” – Webcowgirl’s Theatre Review