Tango at Drama Centre Theatre
Pangdemonium, Singapore 2017

Playwright -Joel Tan
Director – Tracie Pang
Set Designer – Wai Yin Kwok
Costume Designer – Tracie Pang
Lighting Designer – James Tan
Projection Designer – Genevieve Peck
Sound Designer – Jing Ng
Performers – Koh Boon Pin, Emil Marwa, Lok Meng Chue, Lim Kay Siu, Benjamin Chow, Karen Tan, Ruzaini Mazani and Dylan Jenkins
Photographer – Wai Yin Kwok and Nicolas Caillier

TANGO Reviews:

“Set Designer Wai Yin Kwok’s decision to go vertical paid off handsomely, producing functional and figurative spaces that director Tracie Pang put to full use. The visual sense of living on top of each other captured the very local urban landscape, as well as the inter-relatedness and claustrophobia of our hyper-mediated world.”
By ArtsEquator

“Built upwards in a way that allowed the stage to seem much bigger than its actual size, the set was gorgeously minimalistic with nothing but a few stools serving as the props.”
By Dearstraightpeople.com