The Magic Paintbrush at Drama Centre Theatre
I Theatre Ltd, Singapore 2016

Written & Directed by – Brian Seward
Set Design and Prop Maker – Wai Yin Kwok
Puppets Designer – Lisa Kelly
Flower Costume – Nakupelle
Costume Design – Brian Seward
Lighting Design – Gabriel Chan
Songs composed – Kenneth Lyen
Additional Music Composed – Bang Wenfu
Music director – Sara Wee
Choreographer – Cathy Kee
Cast – Jodi Chan, Tan Shou Chen, Amanda Tee, Ebi Shankara, Darren Guo, Dwayne Tan, Elizabeth Loh, Ghazali Muzakir and Daphne Ong
Photographer – 36Frames —

THE MAGIC PAINTBRUSH great review by SAys! Happy Mums!:
“The new Magic Paintbrush is extravagant and grand, it is so big scale that even the adults will be captivated. The sets were beautifully designed and so impressive that you may not think it was for children’s theatre.
Expect a visual treat from colourful sets and intricate costumes, to puppets and even a segment with black light theatre (which is always a hit with the children).”